45 Dalrymple Drive

                           Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803






Richard Lipsey ‘57

Chairman, Lipsey’s LLC, wholesale distributor

Chairman, Haspel, LLC, clothing manufacturer

Member of Louisiana Board of Regents

President of the LSU Cadets of the Ole War Skule

Co-chair of the School of the Coast and Environment

Former member of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation and Pennington Medical Foundation

Proud grandfather of three current U-High Cubs

Why do you celebrate UHS?

I loved UHS the moment I started there in 1943. My two girls loved it while they were there. My three

grandkids love it just as much as I did. The Lab School gave all of us a complete and diverse education.

The faculty and staff were always on top of everything. I have been very close and involved with the

school since getting out of the army and starting to work full time in 1964. I have seen changes over the

years…all positive. I see the results of what our UHS kids do compared to other high schools. We develop

leaders in every field imaginable. I celebrate because the generosity and participation by parents,

grandparents and alums in the everyday activities of school is not surpassed by any other school in the

state. UHS is now state-of-the-art in every aspect. Its best years are still to come.


Percy E. (Rebel) Roberts III  ‘71

President and COO of VOA Associates, Incorporated, an international design firm and design partnerwith offices in Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Beijing, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Bogota

Why do you celebrate UHS?

While there, I connected and bonded with an extraordinary group of peers and friends. I continue to have a deep family connection to U-High and LSU. Both provided a rich and varied intellectual experience. I was able to participate fully in the life of the school through academics, social clubs and the sports community. That foundation gave me confidence to succeed both personally and professionally. Percy E. (Rebel) Roberts III  ‘71



Burton LeBlanc ‘82

President of the American Association for Justice, the largest non-profit trial bar in the world

President of the Louisiana Association for Justice

Attorney, shareholder at national law firm of Baron & Budd, P.C.

Triathlon and Ironman competitor

Why do you celebrate UHS?

I met my wife, Jean Ann, at UHS, and my four daughters either graduated from or currently attend UHS.

My most significant relationships in life are from UHS, including lifelong friends. UHS prepared me for

life’s challenges, but the bond between UHS alumni is something hard to describe. UHS is the best!


Evan Roider ‘10

Award-winning pianist

Student at Hartt School in West Hartford, Connecticut – graduation pending May 2014

Music Director for musical theatre including productions of Avenue Q, Into the Woods and Spring


Collaborator with living composers, including acclaimed American composer Gwyneth Walker

Member of highly-acclaimed contemporary ensemble Foot in the Door under the coaching of Pulitzer

Prize winning composer John Corigliano

Why do you celebrate UHS?

University Laboratory School played a fundamental role in my development as an artist and a

professional. I spend much of my time working with other musicians, both singers and instrumentalists,

and I would give the Lab School a lot of credit for this. The Lab School taught me to be a critical thinker

and a problem solver, and these are the assets of a good collaborator. Working with others requires

skills, both social and practical, and the Lab School instilled these in me. However, the most important

lesson I learned from the Lab School relates to perspective. As a young musician, there is the tendency to

narrow in on your interest and to believe that other areas lack importance in your field. The education I

received at the Lab School taught me that all subjects interact. When you study music of any era, it’s

important to know what world events occurred at the time, what great works of literature were being

written, and what new discoveries were being made in the world of science. Great composers, such as

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, did not live in a bubble of music. They lived in a world that was ever changing

and like them, I must be a part of that world. University Laboratory School taught me to always continue

my search for knowledge and to put forth “total effort in every endeavor.”

Andre Moreau ‘76

Anchor, WAFB-TV, CBS, Baton Rouge’s dominant #1 ranked television news station and the second highest rated local affiliate in the United Sates

Co-writes and manages news content, investigative news reporter

Why do you celebrate UHS?

UHS helped give me a top-notch education (especially in English and history, my favorite subjects) and

the basis for lifelong friendships with a network of extended family members. I was able to develop skills

as an athlete and was taught the meaning of teamwork and school spirit.

Steve Carter ‘61

State Representative for House District 68 in the Louisiana Legislature

Why do you celebrate UHS?

I will always fondly remember my time at U-High. I made lifelong friendships, and I was able to

participate in sports programs and other activities in which I acquired life skills like cooperation,

teamwork and respect that still help me today.

Darryl Hamilton ‘82

Retired MLB player

On-air personality MLB network

Radio announcer for Milwaukee Brewers

Why do you celebrate UHS?

U-High gave me the opportunity to become a better person and exposed me to a lifetime of special

memories. Looking back, it was the best move my parents could ever have made. I still keep in contact

with all of my U-High family, either there in Baton Rouge or all over the world when I travel. Geaux Cubs!

Laurie Lipsey Aronson ‘85

President and CEO of Lipsey’s and Haspel

Why do you celebrate UHS?

U-High gave me the opportunity to form lasting relationships between my friends and others in the

community. Because of my education at U-High (and the great reputation of the school), I was able to

attend a top university, where once again I formed tight relationships. Those of us who have graduated

from U-High still feel that strong connection and many have sent our children here, too! I can’t imagine

not having our school in our lives.

Brad Banta ‘89

Retired NFL player

Current Coach for the Washington Redskins

Why do you celebrate UHS?

I celebrate U-High because it prepared me for my future in the sense that the classroom work made me

realize what dedication was. This, in turn, made me realize what my dreams really were and that they

could be achieved. In short, it taught me that there is much to see and to not be afraid to spread my wings..

Rheagan Courville ‘11

Student/Athlete Gymnast at LSU

2013 NCAA Vault Champion

Sixth gymnast in LSU history to win an individual national title.

Ranked number 2 in the all-around at the Nationals

Holds three First-Team All-American, two First-Team Regular Season All-American and one Second-Team

Regular Season All-American.

Named Central Region Gymnast of the Year and SEC Gymnast of the Year.

Holds three gold medals in the all-around, vault and balance beam at the SEC Championships.

Current Tiger Athletic Foundation Female Athlete of the Year

Why do you celebrate UHS?

Being able to carry a legacy and become part of such a rich tradition makes me proud to say I graduated

from University Laboratory School.

Nada Tawfik ‘04

Producer/Reporter, BBC News

Covers breaking news across the United Sates and at the United Nations for the British Broadcasting

Corporation’s many different television and radio channels, including BBC World Television and World

Service Radio and the website

Why do you celebrate UHS?

University Laboratory School was a breath of fresh air when I moved from New Jersey without knowing

anyone in Baton Rouge. It was a transition that I had feared, but soon welcomed after the friendly

support from teachers and students. The school’s IB program provided me with a challenging and

rewarding education that led me to my career in journalism. But the best thing that came out of my time

at U-High was the friendships that have lasted until today, and the wonderful memories from that

special time in our lives. My years at University Laboratory School taught me an important life lesson –

to always embrace change and the places it may lead you.

Total Effort in Every Endeavor / Alumni Cubs take the school motto out into the world.

How are “U” making a difference?  

U-High, throughout its history, has been in the forefront of education, receiving consistent ranking as one of the best high schools in the country. The result is clear in the number of community and professional leaders who count U-High as a stepping stone in their formative education. Whether in the arts, politics, academics, science or nearly any other profession one can imagine, U-High graduates are making a difference, and while doing so, each carries a piece of the school within them.


Enjoy perusing this list of University Laboratory School alumni/community leaders and reading why and how they celebrate U-High. Check back often. As we reconnect with more alumni throughout the Centennial, we hope to include more of “U” in our alumni profiles.